Monsters of Legend

Bigfoot lives on skeletons and mud,
Moonwalks through the meadow.
His heart is a fist of crawling crickets.
There is no limit to his awesome evil.
His feet aren’t the biggest you ever saw,
But they’re goddamned big enough.

Middlefoot lives on bacon and eggs,
Prefers the shortcut past the meadow.
His heart is the common array of valves,
His bark and bite just a joke someone told.
His feet are not a topic worthy of discussion,
So small and normal.

Littlefoot lives inside of Bigfoot,
Glides free through every meadow.
His heart is boundless and filled with love,
No violence salts his sweet dreams.
His feet will never be a loathsome burden,
Bigfoot does their walking, and that’s fine.

(First published in slightly different form in Beatnik Cowboy, May 28, 2022 – thanks to the editors.)

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