The Necessity of Jessie Spangler

He would follow a truthful sentence with a lie, or half of one, tell the truth all afternoon and lie at night. Lie about the truth, tell the truth about the lies. When you found yourself with him there was a certain comfort in knowing he would arrange things to his liking and you had nothing to worry about, that he would never tell the truth about uncomfortable things or lie about comfortable ones, and yet even when he did – which he certainly did as often as he didn’t, never mind what I just said – you couldn’t tell the difference, so it didn’t matter. It cheered a body up just to know this. He had more friends than anyone in town, for the simple reason you could never take him at his word. And so he became known all over town as a sanctuary from the idea of the truth, something people hadn’t been aware they were seeking, but, once they had found it, could not bear to let it go.

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