Citronella! (Ode)

Nice day today, with the sun and all,
So I bought a new plant. A Citronella plant.
What a word, Citronella!
You smell like lemons (wasn't expecting that).
They say you keep mosquitos away, too,
So I'm thinking "bonus."
And such a surprising thick trunk,
Like a miniature tree, strong and straight, 
Spicy scalloped leaves,
All green and starched at attention,
Such a healthy Citronella!
I bought a new pot for you, too -
None of those plastic throwaways
On a day like today.
No, this is pastel orange porcelain,
With fancy swirls. And I laid you in that pot
As tenderly as a babe,
Gave you fresh stinky soil to dine on,
Tucked you in with cedar mulch -
But even in an ode to you, Citronella,
It seems I can't help but mention
That everyone's yelling about the government,
Losing friends over the government,
Can't think straight for the government,
But the government doesn't even know you're here!
So now I'm thinking "bonus times two,"
Something new for these new days we're having.
I'm going outside to smell you one last time
Before I wake up to smell you again, Citronella,
Please don't leave me soon this summer,
Stay young, stay green, stay lemon-fresh forever.


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