Help Save Their Country!

They're waiting for the mysterious converted school bus
To deliver them to where flags of no known nations hang 
From peeling eaves, bumper stickers threaten vague retribution
Or pledge allegiance to unknown forces,
Untended bonfires smoke in the deer-killing fields,
Gunshots ring as routinely as church bells,
Help save their country! They're being eaten alive
By swarms of feral hogs, Chinese cabals,
No work at the prison, too many prisoners, not enough prisons,
Any alibi for grinding out this life, anyone who knows how to
Help save their country! The old stars of infotainment have ideas, 
Men and women of celebrity who know a television’s blast radius,
How one feels in the hand and how to aim it,
They snarl on giant screens in tiny living rooms,
The cable dishes, bigger than observatories, 
Pinging for solutions far from the monochrome shores
Of the lamestream, a unified field theory of enemies
Falling on the wreckage in their front yards like hail,
Help save their country!  Twisting knees into worn vinyl floors,
Hands clamped together in an Old Testament rictus,
Yet their God keeps telling them to wait, wait just a little longer 
For the killing and jailing convoys to roll, 
For the dark mills to smoke again,
For the saved sweet burning viral slave camps of home,
Love or leave, lead, follow, or get out of their way. 

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