From Thoreau’s Journal, #11 & #12

hear the first creak of a cricket
	beneath the rocks
    so serene and composing
it surpasses the song of all birds
	sings from everlasting 
     to everlasting
	whetting my eyes

- May 12, 1855

just before sundown 
	took our seats before the owl’s nest
      and awaited her appearance

surprising the sounds
 as if the aisles of the wood 
 were so many ear-trumpets:
the cawing of crows
	the peeping of hylas
		the oven-bird
        a distant stake-driver
the night warbler and black-and-white creeper
   the lowing of cows
	the late supper-horn
        the voices of boys
	the singing of girls

- May 12, 1855

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