Being & Time (Meditation 5)

How do these things happen?
A bell rings. A door slams. Someone laughs.

It’s enough to make one think,
And we’re eager to oblige.
That bell is too loud.
Why slam the door? Who’s angry?
Who laughed? Did we miss the joke?

What holds us prisoner
Is missing the joke,
Wondering who’s angry,
How to not hear the bell.

Laugh sometimes without knowing why.
Feel the silence after the slam.
Let the bell toll on, and on.
Know that prison is only for those
Who want more than anything to be free.

(Thoughts on chapter 5 of “Each Moment Is the Universe: Zen And the Way of Being Time”, by Dainin Katagiri. My intention is to write a poem or brief meditation on each short chapter as a way of summarizing my understanding.)

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