Being & Time (Meditation 1)

I start to take a step
And hundreds of smaller steps begin,
A neuron sparks, a tendon creaks,
Each in its own brief world,
Six billion,
Four hundred million,
Ninety-nine thousand,
One hundred and eighty worlds
In one day,
And in one world
My foot begins its quivering descent
Into other worlds where
A baby sobs into life,
Someone is elected to office,
One small step
Someone wins an award,
A man is crushed by a bus,
For a man
The planets lurch and swerve,
One giant leap
Galaxies flee from each other,
For mankind
And my foot finds the floor again –
Hundreds of worlds closer
To taking out the trash,
Hundreds more to go.

(Thoughts on chapter 1 of “Each Moment Is the Universe: Zen And the Way of Being Time”, by Dainin Katagiri. My intention is to write a poem on each short chapter as a way of summarizing my understanding.)

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